The Ugly Duckling – A Tale as old as time

Dear readers, stories of the Ugly Duckling are told aplenty in households across the world, however this Ugly Duckling, as Falko Fantastic labels himself, is a story eagerly anticipated to be revealed from the confines of Mr Fantastic’s spray cans of wonder.

A timeline depicting the Artist’s journey in what was then known as Spray Paint Art, as well as correspondences with contemporaries abroad that “had not known that spray can art was on the continent of Africa.”

The exhibition which ran for two consecutive months in the RLabs House and Gallery astounded members of the public with its innovative, bohemian  visuals and had chins wagging for its somewhat heartfelt dedications,  social commentary, and it’s on-the-nose naming conventions. An artwork named the “ Cost of Living, ” which made use of South African fiat currency, in the form of a hamburger, displays Falko’s quirky perspective. 

In a last minute burst of spontaneity and the creative inclination to find and create art, his piece entitled, “Bubble Wash,” uses the bubble wrap which held his artworks, along with a strategically placed face cloth presumably to amuse the visitor.

Perhaps, it was always meant as a statement about his proclivity for rooting his art in its environment? Or perhaps he was leading by example and finding a use for the bubble wrap instead of discarding it? Or… Perhaps he simply had nowhere else to put it without discarding it? Whatever his reasons, it may have been the most delightful piece of all, simply based on the fact that it made you stop, process and giggle at the sheer wit.

Since the gallery is primarily an Airbnb stay, he used his tongue-in-cheek humour to make use of every room in the house – in this case, not even the bathroom was left untouched.

Concurrently, the celebration of the RLabs House and Gallery’s take on First Thursdays, “a monthly cultural experience centred around a walkable programme of art galleries, retail stores, restaurants and bars, taking place in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.”

According to First Thursdays, it had the public moving and shaking to the music of local artists like King Smasher, the Mitchells Plain Music Academy and their mellifluous vocalists. Performances were exhibited at the Westridge DLab building and the Mocha Lounge.

Additionally, the event boasted various vendors from Mitchell’s Plain and the surrounding area. They really showed up and showed out with their delectable craft treats, wares and services. The public were hard-pressed on which vendor to visit first, as I’m sure you, dear readers would have been as well. To put this theory to the test, join us on the first Thursday of December for yet another event.

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