RLabsU Hanover Park started in 2013, the year when I informed some of my friends I would like to do what RLabs is doing in my community, Hanover Park. 

In 2016 I received a message that RLabs is looking for ambassadors to start their own RLabs University in their communities. I was so excited, I went for the orientation and RLabsU training in the following weeks. We are now in the year 2020 and RLabsU Hanover Park has completed its 1st offering, Introduction to Leadership, which had 21 graduates. The second offering Introduction to Small Business Management course was unfortunately put on hold due to the nationwide lockdown.  

For the next two to three months our goal is to complete Small Business Management, Design Thinking as well as open up other course offerings like Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Events Management. Should you be interested in applying for any of our courses you can visit our Facebook page and leave a message. As a hub, we have also set a goal of having 50 graduates for our 1st semester in 2020 and as a team, we are doing short online courses as well as reading books to develop ourselves further. 

We continue to look forward to a Year of rise!

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