My name is Mushfeekah Linneveldt. I graduated from Delft Technical High School in the year 2018. Adulthood was a tough step for me to take, I didn’t have enough job opportunities and no money to further my studies, I ended up doing nothing besides laying at home for 3 months. I then got this crazy idea and attempted to start my own business.

A very close family friend, also my mentor, saw the vision I had and decided to give my business a head start. We started a little company called Mo-Lo Crowns where we produced hand made birthday crowns and sold it at local markets. I was very excited about the idea of owning my own business. I did my best to keep it going but in 4 months we only sold 3 crowns. With all the money we paid for a shot in the market it didn’t make any sense to continue and waste my mentor’s money so I decided it was time to find a real job.

One of my friends told me about Naspers Labs then I signed up. I did many courses for three months before joining the Yes program. After twelve years of learning at school and three months of learning at Naspers Labs, the Yes Program seemed like a blessing. I was happy to earn the money we would receive as we could do with a little extra money at home.

At RLabs in Bridgetown, I realized the Yes program was going to be much more than easy money; it was going to provide us with so many job opportunities and amazing skills that school never taught us.

The Yes Team found a job placement at the Radisson Red Hotel in Waterfront for me. I now have a stable job, the opportunity to build new friendships outside of my area, learning about hospitality, and working with people every day made me see life differently. I became more aware of my surroundings and started working towards things in life instead of just waiting for things to happen.

The extra money at home also made things easier. It helped me feel like I did my part in helping my family and I can only thank the Yes Program for that. The Yes Program gave us a 12-month head start to prove ourselves in the workplace. Working at the hotel for over 9 months has made me an excellent creative. There is no doubt that the managers will be keeping me and I will also be placed in a permanent position next month when my time at the Yes program comes to an end.

The Yes 4 youth apps have been a great help. During my lunch breaks and off days I would engage in the activities which always made me feel that I can do my best.

To the unemployed youth. If you don’t put yourself out there and attempt at taking risks, you will never know what it feels like to succeed. Have fun and be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you flipping pancakes or cleaning dishes, as long as you are still putting yourself out there. There is always hope.

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