My name is Kaye-Lynne Michelle Goddard I am hearing impaired – I wear a cochlear implant to improve my hearing. Before joining RLabs, I was unemployed after doing two learnerships. I did Project Management and National Banking. I decided to finish my courses and I felt overqualified, on top of that, I still couldn’t get a job. I couldn’t manage to be jobless, but I did get through it as my daily routine became useful when nursing my mom before I started my time with RLabs. Suddenly an opportunity fell into my hands when RLabs contacted me I accepted it immediately with no hesitation. That moment changed everything for me, getting income, learning new experiences, meeting new people. I feel happier and skilful after being on the Yes program. Although I was working all the time I’ve been so busy and I enjoy it so much.

The journey, honestly, has been blessed by God’s grace. The challenges I had in my workplace were the training and the new workplace, I was shy, I grew into the workplace and became a little more confident, and started learning new things.

It’s not my first job, I’ve had three jobs before RLabs Yes Program, there has been no problem with earning income as every little income makes a difference in people’s lives.

My plan for the future is to secure a new job soon.

My advice to the unemployed youth, no matter what job, no matter what income you get, every skill you learn is what counts for your future. God has plans for us, we have to be patient and wait, time will bring you big opportunities in life.

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