The moment has arrived. Family members, guardians, and most of all graduates are here to celebrate, and have come dressed the part. Loved ones sit and wait in anticipation. A little boy, wearing his Sunday best, turns to look over his shoulder and smiles with glee. He knows that something big is about to happen.


The setting is perfect. Lights turned low, the future shining bright ahead. Michael Buble’s voice floating softly across the theatre. Up on stage, the large screen is lit with the black and white Grow emblem: “Welcome to the Grow Leadership Academy Graduation Ceremony”. Marlon Parker takes the podium. He starts off by thanking each and everyone that formed a part of this year’s class. Everyone claps loudly, including the MEC, a representative from the US consulate, and RLabs Chief Community Advisor, Pastor Roger Petersen.

As each of the special guests take their turn to speak, the graduates are called upon to be “ambassadors for change in this country” and are heralded as “future entrepreneurs”. Finally, the graduates take the stage, each one beaming with pride as they receive their long-awaited certificates. The crowd applauds encouragingly.

The moment had arrived, but the best was yet to come.

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