Two weeks ago the RLabs team were managing the Social Media activities for the World Bank at the Innovation Fair. A local newspaper visited RLabs to cover the stories of the RLabs “Twitter Gangsters” (Watch Day 2 Video Highlights for explanation). The article can be read by clicking on the image above but below is a short introduction to the article by Toni Stuart of the Atlone News:

“RLabs, an Athlone-based social media organisation, had the spotlight turned on them, while they were the official social media partners of the World Bank’s Innovation Fair. RLabs, born and based in Tarentaal Road, Bridgetown, were approached by the World Bank to manage the social media arount their Innovation Fair which took place at Hotel le Vendome in Sea Point on Wednesday and Thursday April 14 and 15.
This fair’s them was Moving Beyond Conflict, and brought together social innovators from across the world to talk to their peers and donors about the work the are doing and what the challenges and successes have been.
The participants were happily surprised to discover a working example of a social innovation suceeding right under their noses. Delegates were so impressed with RLabs that they invited the organisation to share its story….”

As RLabs it was a honour and privilege to be part of such an amazing event and surely the experience for the “Twitter Gangsters” was beyond anything we thought would be possible. Another exciting story is that since the article was publised in local newspaper that community members who have substance abuse problems, came to RLabs partner Community Organisation Impact Direct for help for addiction problems. Now we are looking forward to the next story in the RLabs Chapter.

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