The 2nd of February 2013 unfolds a new journey for many as we welcome more than 550 participants whom have successfully attained scholarships for the various courses offered at the Academy in Cape Town and more than 250 in the Johannesburg Academy.


After an ecstatic year of fun and learning in 2012, graduating more than 700 people, RLabs has now issued more than 800 scholarships in its Cape Town and Johannesburg Academies for the first 6 months of 2013. The first semester will cover a total of 15 courses, empowering people in the various sectors:

Course Streams:

  • * Digital Media
  • * Women in ICT
  • * Leadership
  • * Management


With more thanĀ $700,000 worth of scholarships made available for 2013, we look forward to giving more people a life changing opportunity of learning, hope and transformation.

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  1. i can proudly say that through the good and awesome works of the RLabs facillitators, I could implement the technical skills given me , this had assisted our organisation in a positive way , MANY THANKS to all and GOD BLESS with your future endeavors, hope to join you soon for further courses, given the opportunity.!!

  2. Nathaniel…excellent blog.Well written,so precise and to the point.I thank God for young men as yourself who so timeously give of yourself to those that never realised that life has so much more to offer if given the opportunity and guidance in this traumatic world…Priceless!!!
    Bless you all.

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