In our RLabs culture session on Wednesday morning, 18 March 2015, it was said that not many realize the potential within themselves. It is important that one is able to see your potential. It is said that when a farmer has seeds, everyone on the outside just sees seeds, but the farmer sees a harvest. We need to realize that our potential is not tied to our past but it is tied to our future and the only way to unlock that potential is to:

  1. Confirm in your heart and verbalize that you do have potential. Believe and say that you do have potential especially if it is tied to your purpose.
  2. Adopt an attitude that reflects your potential.
  3. Learn to walk in Honour. If you do not honour it might not end well, so do something in honour of someone or for someone.
  4. Use it to serve. Yes, you will benefit but you need to use it to serve.

Your potential is meant to overflow. Allow your unlocked potential to unlock the potential in others.


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