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In teaching others, we teach ourselves”, a commonly heard phrase indicative of the exact nature of the Knowledge Exchanges that RLabs hosts with many tertiary institutes, private and public sectors. In this case, we speak of the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business’ Masters Philosophy Class.

RLabs hosted Its very first Virtual knowledge exchange. An expectant team set out on this daunting task to spread the message of hope and put forth the concept of the YEAR OF RISE. It was in our diligent preparation, their collaborative spirit and their willingness to interact, which kept the engagement with the UCTGSB MPhil students, lively.

The storytelling of RLabs in its infancy to its growth across the span of ten years; the reminders of the time we face now and the testimonials of the RLabs founder and the RLabs Champions (staff) with their relationship with the organisation, all shaped and paved the way for a harmonious discussion on ‘How RLabs can innovate through the COVID-19 crisis’ while still maintaining its core values, culture and principles. Before our activity took place in our breakout rooms facilitated by the online host, we participated in a Q and A that diverged into us all conversing for at least 35minutes, which was reminiscent of how we would do it at our physical gatherings. This motivated and invigorated us and kept the RLabs culture and spirit alive!

Below are some quotes and comments from the MPhil students themselves in response to the Knowledge Exchange:

“This is a great initiative”

“This is incredible”

“RLabs you giving me goosebumps”

“Stick to your Identity”

“Keep doing what you doing”

“I am speechless”

I met the Zlto founder at a conference and his story is part of the reason I applied for this programme!

 – Shannon van Wyk

Great impact on the lives of so many! Founder a visionary, am interested in what the recipe is for building high-performance teams running the programme over the years. Inspirational work!


I’m curious about cross-sector collaboration and partnerships – how has that journey been for RLabs?

– Jenny Soderbergh

Thank you RLabs team for sharing, caring and changing this world.

-Sheetal Gordhan

It took a group of 30 individuals with positive extraordinary minds, A good team spirit and collaboration to drive to see innovation set out across the Cape Flats and even further in areas that have even less contact with the organisation, amidst a crisis.

Screenshots of the activity: ‘How RLabs can innovate through the COVID-19 crisis’ while still maintaining its core values, culture and principles.

It is in the passing on of knowledge that is passed down to ourselves; it is in the Exchange of Knowledge that we come to start our learning journey. As Charles Colton had once said, “We owe almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed, but to those who have differed.”

Oftentimes we are too slow to recognise the many ways as well as how much we can assist each other through the sharing of our expertise and knowledge.

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.”

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