We are fanatical about our purpose and making HOPE contagious.

  1. Know what you’re going after. Too often people walk up and sigh because their alarm clocks seem to go off a little bit earlier every day. Doing this repeatedly causes one to adopt an “I’m forced to do it” mindset. Where as someone with purpose wakes up to live out that purpose. We need to wake up to pursue an agenda, not because our clock said so. Wake up as if you’re on a mission. Say to yourself “I’m waking up to purse my purpose”
  2. Don’t let your past pollute your present or your future. We often make the mistake of looking back and getting stuck there. Then draw our map based on the landmarks that once mislead us. We must simply look upon the past as motivation to endure. Motivation to pursue a better future.
  3. Adopt a fresh attitude. It’s easy to point fingers. Even easier to raise fist and demand change, but that just it. We demand change from others to bypass our own transformation. We need to change our own attitude. Only then will our outlook change and only then will we perceive our purpose.


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