We have the Influence to Confluence

At our past First Thursday event held on the evening of the 7 March 2024, another house within the community; 18 Silverhurst Street burst into magical life with the launch of yet another brand-new art gallery in the heart of the Westridge Tourism Precinct. What started as a humble garage belonging to a local community member has now become a vibrant space for creativity and expression. 

Excitement filled the air as the door lifted open, revealing a stunning new sculpture by none other than Dion Cupido, an internationally renowned artist from Westridge celebrated for his captivating work. Dion Cupido, the celebrated artist known for his mesmerizing sculptures, is set to dazzle audiences once again with his latest exhibition, “Confluence,” at this month’s First Thursday event. As the sun sets on the bustling streets, art enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike will converge at the heart of the city to experience a night of artistic wonder like never before. 

At the heart of “Confluence” lies Cupido’s latest masterpiece and breathtaking sculpture that defies expectations and ignites the imagination. Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the human experience, Cupido’s work transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own creativity.

As the crowd marveled at Cupido’s masterpiece, accompanied by a marvelous performance by local artist Juju Domingo. With the bright illuminated atmosphere Domingo took the stage, weaving a mesmerizing display of sound and verse that left spectators captivated.

But “Confluence” is more than just an exhibition. It’s an immersive experience that transports visitors to another realm. From the moment they step foot into the gallery space, they’re enveloped in a world of color, texture, and emotion, each piece telling a story of its own.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, “Confluence” holds the power to unite and inspire. By bringing together people from all walks of life, Cupido’s exhibition fosters connections and sparks conversations, laying the groundwork for a more vibrant and inclusive community.

Moreover, events like “Confluence” are a boon for the local economy, drawing visitors from near and far and injecting vitality into the city’s cultural scene. From art galleries to restaurants, businesses across the area are poised to benefit from the influx of foot traffic and increased patronage.

As the night unfolds and the city comes alive with creativity, “Confluence” serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art to uplift, inspire, and bring people together. So mark your calendars for the next round of this exhibition and join Dion Cupido on this exhilarating journey of discovery at First Thursday’s “Confluence”. 

An event not to be missed!

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