Westridge Tourism Precinct Guides A Community Expedition

In the heart of Mitchells Plain, RLabs is leading a groundbreaking initiative called the Westridge Tourism Precinct project. This project is more than just a tourism initiative; it’s in the driver’s seat for positive change, aiming to uplift, empower and provide authentic and enriching experiences for visitors within a community that is often overlooked. RLabs envisions a transformation by creating spaces and opportunities that cater to a diverse group of people, fostering inclusivity in the tourism sector.

Imagine a place where each corner has a unique story to tell, every experience adds to the embodiment of diversity and culture. The project aims to establish a community-based hosting mechanism and curate up to 30 diverse tourism experiences hosted by entrepreneurs from the area. RLabs, collaborating with partners, namely DEDAT has already set up and introduced 5 exciting experiences like the first Art Gallery in Mitchells
Plain, Mocha Lounge, Westridge Street Art Tour, Mitchells Plain Entrepreneurs Hub (MPEH) community markets and LOOP Taxi experiences.

This initiative is a commitment to boost the local economy sustainably. RLabs, alongside its funding partners, is dedicated to developing essential infrastructure and experiences in Westridge that will contribute towards economic growth that benefits this entire community.

They expect positive changes that will encourage more visitors to local tourism experiences and accommodations, with a particular focus on including communities that are often excluded from the tourism industry. The project aims to elevate communities and encourage longer stays within that particular community, contributing to a thriving tourism environment within Mitchells Plain.

One of the key outcomes is the creation of job opportunities and livelihoods within the community. RLabs believes in social and economic development, ensuring that the benefits of this transformative project are shared widely.

They are on the verge of something remarkable. The Westridge Tourism Precinct is not just altering perceptions; it’s an open invitation for everyone to be part of something special. Keep an eye on this space; the transformation is underway. When the project is fully operational, we extend a warm invitation to experience the stories, connect with the community, and witness a transformation that goes beyond typical tourism. Immerse yourself in the unique offerings of Westridge.

The Westridge Tourism Precinct is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to be part of a larger narrative, to explore a world of diversity. It is a beacon of change, aiming to transform the tourism landscape by empowering communities and creating sustainable economic opportunities.

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