Marlon Parker of JamiiX of South Africa : people always looks at reasons why not to do something. The theme of his talk will be: what’s in your box? What can you do?

Marlon shows us his beautiful place Cape Town, where lives., with beautiful weather and great surroundings. But….that is just the outside. There are so much social problems. And you have to start to solve the problems form the inside.

Marlon takes us on his journey, on his road to hope. His champions were the people who knew the problem because they caused the problems. You need to work with them.

And he works with social media, to share all the experience, to solve the problems.

Marlon’s recipe:

* Search for Champion
* Find Capacity
* Train/work others via Co-create
* Don’t be afraid to be The World First

Parker: I had one idea, one connection but I knew that when you have passion and start in the community. That was what was in my box. What’s in yours?

Source: One Percent

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