Last Saturday I had the opportunity to speak with the RLabs Mom 3.0 group about maximizing Social Media and Mobile Phones beyond just personal use. The title of the talk “What’s up your sleeve?” was well received and the following key points came out of the session:

1) Social Media can be leveraged for more than just a social media tool but could also be used as an empowerment enabler. Many of the women were keen using it in their small business and exploring their passions through the use of Social Media.
2) Their tool of preference is Facebook. Reasons for this preference included ease of use, having a place where they can share media content, connect with family and friends and being able to join interest groups.
3) Blogging was described as a tool that many of the women believed could be used for empowerment and professional/personal development. Some of the women even suggested pursuing a change in career due to their passion for Social Media.

It is really exciting to see how the ladies who started with the Mom 3.0 programme exceeded all expectations and keen to teach other women in the community on how they could use Social Media to share messages of hope.

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  1. Interesting idea – I’m very glad to see such actions happening. Internet is not only mens domain, and having a women clear and loud voice is often making a change in our perspective 🙂

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