WordCamp Cape Town 2018

It was that time again, yet another WordCamp Cape Town event. After being part of the organizing committee for 2017 we had the privilege of being Audio and Visual wranglers at this year’s WordCamp 2018 event once again.
This year our animation team were excited to be part of the team and showcase some of their skills in capturing and shooting video and photography. Two champions, in particular, Althea & Byron who focuses on film & media at RLabs share their experience over two days of capturing all things WordPress.



This year I had the privilege of attending WordCamp Cape Town 2018 for the first time.

We went in a s volunteers assigned as the Audio & Visual [media/film]. This was really profound as this has been not only an interest but a passion as well.

The location –  The White Space is an incredibly beautiful venue located in Woodstock, The vibrant and vintage environment allowed for creative inspiration in terms of filming and videography which was perfect.

The talks and interactive activities throughout the day at wordcamp, and all things wordpress was extremely informative and at times not easy to understand only because I don’t understand anything about coding & development and a lot of what is classified as “nerd talk.” Though some talks were easier to latch onto, it didn’t take away any excitement of capturing what was being said and making it as easy to understand or rather capture the moment.

Not fully understanding the content of wordpress didn’t disconnect me from this platform, it intrigued me at the same time I was able to enhance skills which already existed, and better yet word camp’s motto was all about networking and community, and just being involved in any way possible not only to help yourself but the next person too.


My experience at word camp opened my mind to a completely different world of creative thinking.
It was a major privilege for me to be part of the media team recording most of the audio for the boot camp.

I must admit that I did not know what I was getting myself in for when I decided to attend this WordCamp but what I did know is that this was a big brand hosting a meet up where innovative businessmen/women who are in the industry of the CODE. I always thought of WordPress as a simple way to create a platform for your products but after listening to each speaker I’ve gained a new liking and respect for this complex platform.

I’ve always been interested in how coding was used in our daily lives but this WordCamp gave me a new appreciation to those who spend hours and months coding and developing platforms to bring the need of the people to their very screens.

I don’t know much about the platform but I do plan on learning and understanding it more as time goes and hopefully use this to kick start my own business someday.

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