Yesterday I had the opportunity to share with other global pioneers at the ongoing Global Anti-Corruption Youth Forum in Brussels, Belgium, and to the 5th eLearning Africa conference in Lusaka, Zambia. The three-hour interactive discussion focused on the issue of education, governance and youth. Participants from Malawi, Kenya, Burundi, London and Zambia exchanged ideas on innovative ways of tackling the issue of corruption by educating people using ICT in their respective countries. I was fortunate to travel to Lusaka, Zambia, a beautiful country (See sunrise above) with friendly people. The talk titled Use of Social Media and Innovation to reconstruct Communities in Tension was a great opportunity to share more about the Reconstructed Living Lab(RLabs) and learn from other innovators who participated in the forum.

The key points identified for Community projects using ICT for education, governance and youth are:

1) Identify Champions on the ground who are able to drive initiatives in the local community
2) Build Capacity and develop the Champions
3) Understand the context and use what you have at hand.
4) Use appropriate technologies and do not push technologies on communities.
5) Collaborations and partnerships with other stakeholders are important for expansion and sustainability of projects
6) Ensure the projects are sustainable by developing business and sustainable models for the community projects.

Overall I really had a wonderful experience meeting great minds from other countries and looking forward to the future partnerships that will emerge through these ongoing World Bank initiatives to reconstruct Fragile Nations.

Source: http://marlonparker.co.za

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