Celebrations ahead…

At RLabs we believe in celebrating people. Part of our Annual Celebrations is our RLabs Academy Graduation which  is hosted by the RLabs team. We are so proud of all the students who completed their courses this year and we’re looking forward to an awesome time at the Graduation.

This is what Wendy Jefferies, Women in ICT Stream Lead, had to say about this year:

“It was memorable and a great experience being with the moms this year again. They are always enthusiastic about how technology brings new meaning and a total new dimension to their lives. The moms enjoyed the pampering, card making, jewelry making as well as the photo booth that was set up for them at the very first day of the course. They will be back with a bang again next year to take full advantage of the advance class (Geeky moms) as well as the other courses being offered here at the RLabs Academy.”

We asked Jason Martin, Digital Stream Lead, what he had to say about the RLabs Academy of 2014:

“Colourful and vibrant are words that perfectly describes the RLabs Academy Digital Faculty. Among the few challenges of internet difficulty we managed to ensure that the experience and lives of each student was enriched when they left.

Being introduced to various new technologies at RLabs gave students a sense of achievement as they learnt many ways to build a business based on the things they learnt from publishing websites to using online tools and social platforms for personal and professional reasons, building mobile  websites & android applications  and Learning the basics of Photography.”

This is what Nathaniel Dicks and Genevieve Davids, Management Stream Leads, had to say about the Academy:

“Management faculty was simply awesome.The classes were filled with lot’s of fun, laughter and learning. We can safely say that class was exciting enough to keep the students coming back. It was a huge success as many students got promotions at work , started business and simply learnt new skills. Some would say it was more than just a class, it was the special thing that made them excited to start the day,it was a safe place after a rough week, it was the family they needed to gain hope and smile again, it was and is A SOCIAL REVOLUTION”

On the 15th of December 2014, we will be celebrating the 639 graduates who has shown commitment and passion during the courses that they have completed. The RLabs Academy is and will forever strive to be a space of Hope.

Thank you for taking our hands in ensuring that HOPE becomes Contagious.

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