This morning was the start of the YMCA Caregiver 2.0 Kujali training. The caregivers came in full force and were ready for the morning. When asked: “do you know what the training is about?” They answered: “No, we were just told we will learn about computers”. They will learn so much more than just computers. The RLabs team welcomed the group and did presentations on “Social Media for Home Based Carers” and “Beginners Guide to GMail“.The group is made up of 8 women all working at the YMCA. And after just 2 hours the women all have email accounts and sent emails to one another and sent replies. A guest speaker: Rae Goedeman (an avid blogger), from Impact Direct shared her story with the women and encouraged them to not look at boundaries or obstacles that might stop them from blogging. There was time for questions and answers about blogging or social media. Thereafter the caregivers shared their stories and telling the rest of the group why they went into Home Based Care and their experiences during their visits. This one was done verbally and afterward they had to email one another and start the conversation. Next week the caregivers will write and post it on this blog. The very stories that they verbally shared with each other, they will then be able to post it on the Kujali Blog. Above are some pics of the session this morning.

Source: Kujali

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