The RLabs culture is very unique, but in order to maintain the culture we need to nurture and remind ourselves about it continuously.

Every Wednesday morning we have what’s called a “Culture Session” where all the staff gets together to reflect and once again establish our culture and values.

In this mornings’ Culture Session, Marlon spoke about what it take to be Victorious. He mentioned 5 points about what we need to do to ensure that regardless of the challenges that we might face, that we are victors:

  1. Your challenge will always try to undermine you by reminding you of your past and how you use to be. In the story of David and Goliath, Goliath reminded the army of their weaknesses and how small they were compared to him. In order to be victorious you should never rely on your ability, but rather fight with your character.
  2. David reminded Goliath of who was with him. When we face challenges, remember that you are not alone. It’s important to know who fights with you.
  3. When David fought the battle, he fought it on his own terms. When you face a Goliath, never compromise on your values and principles etc.
  4. You can only conquer that which you are willing to face.
  5. Your battles causes progression. Your battle is purely there for your promotion. Promotion is for you to leave a legacy.

If we implement these things in our lives, we will be victorious regardless of the challenges that we may face:)

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