I started my Entrepreneurship and business management journey at College of Cape Town, Crawford Campus in February 2015 in the sense of achieving my goal of pursuing entrepreneurship, little did I know that it would be the start of the journey of knowing myself.

Studying part-time was not as easy as people thought it was, living in Hanover Park and traveling at night was risky, there were times that I had to walk home due to no means of transport, the times I finished class, there was no public transport and I could not depend on family members all the time, I felt like giving up but that would have been the easy way out.

I found the motivation to empower myself by working towards my driver’s license and buying myself a car. While experiencing these struggles I noticed a change in the way I did things, said things and understanding situations beyond myself. I learned about the importance of patience and how it can benefit me and the people around me, as I saw these qualities reflecting in the work I was doing.

Working with youth on a daily basis and being in the company of adults in the evening made me realize the level of maturity I was aspiring to, this allowed me to understand different actions taken up by the youth or the students in that case.


After finishing the course I was really excited about graduating, only to find out that I could not, it was a fault on my side in terms of not having the finance at the time, I was prepared to wait another year to allow room for improvement but also reflect on what was important in my life at that point and what I really wanted in life.

I finally graduated on the 24 May 2018 and it was one of the proudest moments of my life, mainly because I made my mother proud and I didn’t fall victim to the society we live in, this is only the beginning and I’m not finished yet!


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