It was a day with so much excitement and a great buzz because it was the first official graduation for the Youth Cafe youth (Zafes) as we start our 8th week of existence. The Rocklands Youth Cafe is a partnership between the Western Cape Department of Social Development and RLabs. The main aim of the project is to create an innovative space where youth of the local community can access support, opportunities, training and development and business support. Since its launch on the 20 January (See video below) 488 youth registered at the Youth Cafe. The Zafes, youth visiting the cafe, have to earn their virtual currency, Zlato, in order to access snacks and drinks in the Youth Cafe. More than 320,000 Zlato has been earned activating more than 10,000 positive actions by the youth in the Youth Cafe. Congratulations to all 158 graduates and we know that this is only the beginning of bigger and greater things.

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