The past two weeks has been extremely exciting for a group of youth on the Cape Flats, who have joined the GROW leadership Academy and now completing an online course through GetSmarter’s online education platform.

The GROW Leadership Academy is a programme specifically aimed at a 120 matriculants, providing them with opportunity to develop leadership skills, follow their dreams, job and business readiness, development of career options, involvement in industries and become socially conscious leaders transforming communities and various sectors.

The past week the students entered into the first week of their 10 week Internet Super User course, totally amped for the opportunity of having access to online education.  Having submitted their first assignment a week ago, the students excitedly awaited their results to be released this week, resulting in an exceptionally well 75% class average pass rate. With one module completed, the group of youth are now ready to conquer the remaining weeks ahead as they adventure through the exciting journey of online education.

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