My name is Zinzi Majombozi, I reside in Nyanga K.T.C. I was born at a place called Joubertina in the Eastern Cape in 2000. I matriculated in 2018 at Khulani High School. Since I did not have good matric results, I then decided to improve my marks. I registered at Tsiba Business School for a Higher Certificate in Business Administration. After I finished my certificate I was introduced to RLabs by a close friend which was an opportunity with both hands.

We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution where most of the things are being done digitally and with that said, scarcity of physical jobs lead us into the technological field. Joining RLabs, I received many opportunities such as gaining new skills and being able to be an entrepreneur since my dream is to be a successful businesswoman. According to Stats, South Africa is lacking female entrepreneurs. I also want to fall in love with the technology field.

Zinzi Majombozi

I have no regrets about joining the RLabs team as I have gained so much knowledge in both technology and leadership. I didn’t have much knowledge about building apps or websites but with the training, I received from RLabs facilitators, I can now say, with confidence, that I know many things that an IT student knows. My younger sister is in grade 12 and she studies C.A.T at her school, and I feel so proud and privileged to be helping her to do certain things on the PC. I am now more confident in my leadership skills through the leadership sessions which take place on Thursdays, it made me grow both personally and professionally. I got to find out things about myself which I never knew, like working well under pressure. I would now really want to pursue my career in the technology field because I feel happy and more curious about the future around it.

My highlights are the leadership sessions we have with uncle Andy and my peer coach which is Zayd. I have learned so much through both of them especially from Zayd, I could learn life lessons from him and how to make the right decisions in life. That was and is still is the best part of the Skills Accelerator program as a whole. Then my lowlight would be the moment I did not understand the task that was given and when I did not understand the website itself, otherwise, I am very happy where I am at the moment and would love to grow more in RLabs as I see a lot of potential in me.

One thing that I must conclude is that I have grown mentally, physically and developed an open mind, especially after the hike we went on at Newlands forest. I never had that feeling of connecting with nature as I had that day, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you, RLabs, so much for this opportunity to be part of the team and I would be very grateful to spend more time within the company so I can serve my community as well, as it is my passion to help those that are in need.

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