As the doors opened at 8 am we were met with community members eager to take control of their learning journeys.

These members made their way through the hustle and bustle of Saturday morning. Free from the procrastination which holds so many back, all because they understand the value of knowledge and the benefits of continued learning.

The space was filled with the sound of excitement and frenzied people trying to choose the perfect course based on duration, content and interests.

As they settled on a course they were directed to the payment stations. There were only two ways to pay. In Cash Or in Kind. Those who opted for cash paid R150 application fee and those who opted for “kind” were directed to the Zlto station. The team explained the benefits of Zlto, how they’d be able to earn the currency for attending courses, workshop and for volunteering in their community. They were taught how to exchange the currency for incentives such as Clothing, Groceries, Airtime, Electricity and evening additional RLabs courses.

The idea of learning to earn excited both parent and child alike. This semester may be short, but the experience will not be short-lived.

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