Zlto was launched as a thought experiment in early 2014. The experiment tested whether young people from the Cape Flats would attend workshopsearn a digital currency and spend it on further training. The results were encouraging. 

We then started looking at what a young person would need in order to find employment and realised that it could cost upwards of R 1200 per month for things like, Food, Traveling, Airtime, Clothing and Health Services. And those who are able to afford it often might not have the necessary work experience. Zlto exists to bridge that gap. Rewarding individuals with incentives aimed at reducing their cost while they volunteer to gain work experience. 

It’s been nearly 2 years since Zlto went mobile and in that time we’ve seen over 25 000 young people register, becoming intentional about impacting their communities and being the change they wish to see in the communities. With this new version, we have decided to partner with existing organisations to increase our impact. 

We literally went back to the drawing board.

Zlto V2 required us to rethink everything. We spent hours with our users in the forms of design thinking and co-creation workshops. We got tremendous feedback but one recurring thought remained: It’s not bright enough. We redesigned Zlto to echo our belief.

The new Logo draws from the less than and greater than signs. To Emphasize that giving is greater.

New features.

The Zlto earning process is fundamental. Users volunteer, create and earn activity and are in turn rewarded with Zlto. This review process was managed internally and often resulted in massive time delays with reviews taking up to a week to complete. Something needs to be done. We then decided to enlist the help of our Zlto users to speed up our process through something we call peer reviewing. Each reviewer looks at the information given and makes a decision to either Approve or Decline (without knowing what other reviewers have chosen). The correct decision is decided by the majority. This enables us to get the reviewing down to less than a day. We then store the approved activities on the blockchain. 

We are looking forward to seeing how Zlto evolves as the years go on, It will be an interesting journey.

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