In a neighbourhood where youth believed joining a gang was part of life, Brent Williams fell into this trap which led to a life of drug dealing and violence. Previously known as a kind person, he joined a gang and was soon addicted to methamphetamine and acting entirely out of character.

“I started to sell drugs to anybody to support my habit, as well as make a name for myself,” Brent says.

“The drugs I was using started to affect me mentally and that is when I realised that I needed help. But no matter how hard I tried I could not kick the habit. I believe that without a doubt that every drug addict out there is screaming out for help. Like them, I could not imagine a life without drugs. It just seemed impossible to stop. I believed that I would die a drug addict.”

Deep down he knew he had to kick the habit, as it was affecting loved ones around him.

Since turning his life around, Brent is a Director at @RLabs, which is due to hold its annual graduation on the 11 and 12 December 2015, at the Nantes Park, Athlone, Cape Town.

In celebrating their 7th year of serving communities across Cape Town and 21 years of democracy, RLabs is planning a “world first” by hosting an exhibition and festival celebrating Stories of HOPE (SoH) that will be represented in various art forms. These will include the visual arts, cinematography, photography, literature and performing arts. This momentous occasion will aim to bring together communities from all walks of life as we are inspired and united by stories of ordinary people living a life of making hope contagious.

RLabs will conclude the two day event with a celebration of more than 2,500 graduates from across Cape Town who will receive certificates and recognition for their educational pursuit.
The SoH festival will showcase local expressions of various art forms telling inspiring stories,celebration of community through graduations and other special events over the 2 days.

The home for SoH would be the Nantes Park in Bridgetown, the same community where RLabs was founded and expanded its work across 5 continents.

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  1. Can you come talk to grade 7 learners at school? Do you charge for it? I am a teacher and I’m very concerned and want them to hear a real story. To tey and help them not going on that direction.

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for your interest in the work that we do.

      Please contact our RLabs Youth Team who would be able to assist you in this regard on 021 699 1453/ for more information.

      Kind regards

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