Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a part of an RLabsU WhatsApp micro-course session on a Saturday? Look no further than right here. This stellar feedback should entice, stimulate and motivate you to be a part of our upcoming series of courses. 

In just 5 weeks the team coached and facilitated 10 courses: 

– Computer Basics & Small Business Management 

– Project Management & Internet Basics 

– Entrepreneurship & Presentation Basics 

– Social Innovation & UI/UX Design 

– Mobile Videography Principles & Web Publishing 

This time around we introduced 3 new courses and the experience of each and everyone that took part was uniquely inspiring. Below you will find some feedback we received from one of our ambassadors, a veteran coach and two very grateful students. 

Tshidi Mabele, one of our RLabsU ambassadors all the way out in Soweto, had this to say: 

“On 19 April 2021 we offered our first course (Entrepreneurship) to Amandla, one of our partners, where we focused on how to create a Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Customer Persona and how to Storyboard a solution. This team specializes in Agriculture. It was a learning curve for us to see how passionate they are about this field and how they have turned their love of healthy living into a business.” 

And here’s what one of her students thought about the course: 

“I loved how I was able to put my business down on paper and identify all the different elements that come with putting my business together, identifying that not all people who come to my business are my customer and how to retain my existing customers.” – Kabelo Mabetwa 

We also asked Lorna Leeman (one of our superstar coaches right here in Bridgetown) what she thought. Here’s what she had to say:

“First of all I would like to start off by saying that my overall coaching journey, for the past series of micro-courses, was a unique experience each week. There was never a dull moment and there was always something new to learn. I had fun while coaching because during the process, I learned a lot, not only from the students, but also about myself.” 

Finally, we received some stellar feedback from a student who helps her husband run a community agricultural business. This is what she said: 

“I enjoy doing the courses as it helps me think about how to manage the company that I’ve registered, including how to continue to help my husband with the school and backyard gardens. It won’t be necessary for me to hire someone to do the webpage for the company or get someone to project manage the school gardens. I will be able to do it myself and will be able to enjoy it.” 

Sharron Qamata 

As you can see, it’s quite inspiring how this series of WhatsApp micro-courses has impacted not only our students, but also our ambassadors and coaches. This impact can only grow with time. The more coaches and facilitators willing to volunteer their time, the more students we can reach and impact in a real way. 

To anyone who would like to assist us in increasing our reach and impact as either a student, an ambassador or a coach, please feel free to contact the RLabsU Academy team: 

+27 68 227 1970 

We would love to hear from you. 

Sincerely yours in Making Hope Contagious, 

The RLabsU Team

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