RLabs Namibia Youth4Youth Campaign

In celebration of youth month, RLabs Namibia hosted a 1-week campaign of WhatsApp micro-courses virtually. The courses offered were such as Computer Basics, Entrepreneurship, Presentation Basics and Social Innovation. All courses were one day for three hours (10h00-13h00) with a facilitator and different coaches assigned to assist and support the students in completing the courses successfully. 

The courses are described below:

Computer basics are aimed to provide an understanding of what a computer is, how it functions and how to use it.

Entrepreneurship is aimed at participants to learn how to create a business plan and create value for customers. 

Presentation basics are aimed to provide an understanding of what a slide presentation is, how to create one and how to deliver a presentation.

Social innovation is aimed to empower participants to create an impactful solution by alleviating a problem at its source. The course helps to discover more about your customer and generate ideas for solutions that matter to them. 

Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience:

Jayden Jacobs – This was a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to more managerial courses, as I’m based in Cape Town, and I did not need to travel to attend them.

Liswaniso Emil Lifasi – I did Entrepreneurship and Computer Basics with RLabs. I enjoyed the courses as they touched on some aspects that I was not aware of and I’m looking forward to joining you again…

Riika Iipumbu – Certificate for Presentation basics, the course was great and insightful, but I would want to learn more in-depth about it. 

Fillemon Tangeni Nghilyeendele – I felt good for having gained information and knowledge on the courses. Thank you very much (Presentation basics & Entrepreneurship). 


The 1 -week campaign attracted about 90 applications in different courses Overall, over 50 certificates were issued, although some participants completed more than one course. 

In conclusion “Youth is a time of tremendous energy. You should look at the possibilities, not the problems”.

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